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Domaine Spiruline : A fairy tale and a tale of facts

The history of Domaine Spiruline began the day Dr. Yasser Medkouri, pathologist researcher, was fascinated by the discovery of one of those hidden secrets for millennia which finally unveiled a truth that could save a family or an entire humanity.

« Stimulating research on spirulina, I finally realized that this microalgae was a force of nature capable alone to relieve the modern world of many of its wounds. »

Accompanied by his brother Hatim, an engineer, they decided to build a career on which was then a fancy word, an algae healer…

« These certainties about the saving power of Spirulina could hardly leave us indifferent. »

Develop a land born in an environment of paradise, import of stem cells of Spirulina of greater purity, build pools of brackish water in the volume of those Olympic Games, set up a process of growing, harvesting and drying in the best standards, having a string of aseptic processing and packaging, ... all will and endurance that led to the realization of this big dream: Spirulina Made in Morocco.

The spirulina, now our national « Blue gold » has now grown few kilometers from the city of Rabat. Stretching over more than two hectares, the Domaine Spiruline throne now on the forest of Ben Abid , this site first and foremost was chosen to its climate and environment of an exceptional purity.

« What encouraged me tremendously to develop a new concept around Spirulina is the day I knew that this cyanobacterium had among its miraculous effects, a preventive aspect of cancer. That's what we pushed, my brother Hatim and myself, to join forces each in his respective field of expertise, and give birth to Nutrilair Laboratories which represent for us the dedication of our many years of research and analysis around this cyanobacterium. »

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