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This section is made to answer common questions that people ask about spirulina, its effects, its benefits ...

Where does our spirulina come from ?
Spirulina is a product of nature, one can eat as much as he wants.
It has been the subject of extensive scientific studies ...

What does it taste like ?
Everyone who tasted it experienced a diversity of flavors.

How may it be conserved ?
Spirulina has a high capacity storage, away from moisture and light.

What dose should I take daily ?
It is recommended an intake of 3 to 5 grams per day of spirulina.
Spirulina is a product of nature, there is no problem of maximum amount absorbed.

At what dose to consume spirulina?
The consumption of Spirulina is usually 3 to 5 grams per day. It can be increased as needed. The athlete, big energy consumer, may take bigger doses.

How to take spirulina ?
Spirulina can be consumed daily as part of your diet. You can take 4-6 tablets daily or dilute a teaspoon of spirulina microgranules in a yogurt or applesauce.
At what time of day: before or during meals. You can take the spirulina in the evening, this is not a stimulant. However, it is more useful to benefit from the energy provided by spirulina during the day rather than just before bedtime!
In winter or if you wish to "recharge your batteries" you can make a cure with 8 to 10 tablets per day.

Should we take it all the time, or only by cure? ?
Take your pick. If you are in times of fatigue, or exam preparation, for example, taking a few weeks of spirulina may be sufficient
However, if you want a long-term protection, strengthening your defenses, the regular intake is preferable. The effects of spirulina cease upon cessation of its consumption.

Spirulina is it not recommended for young children ?
No, quite the contrary. It provides useful elements for the growth of young children. They will be less tired during periods of growth. They'll be less nervous and more attentive and responsive in school or college.

I'm pregnant, can I take spirulina ?
Spirulina can be consumed during pregnancy, but also subsequently during lactation. All the nutrients in spirulina, and particularly iron, will come to support the body in its great demand at this period of life.

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