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Spirulina, the origin of life on Earth

Spirulina in the mists of time, or more precisely the origin of life on earth. This microalga, like its sisters in the family of cyanobacteria managed the miracle physicochemical without which we would not be here : the photosynthesis, that is to say the oxygen production from the light.

Spirulina was already known to the Aztecs in Mexico. Named "Tecuitlatl", this alga was the staple of "fish runners". Then it was later discovered on the African continent, especially on the shores of Lake Chad. These Kanembous who ate in a traditional way with cakes "dihe" which are no other than spirulina wafers.

Its nutritional analysis allows us to understand the beneficial effects on these populations deprived of everything. Its wealth is incomparable. Moreover, in the fifties, Brandily, anthropologist filmmaker working in the Kanem region, wrote: "For decades, a primitive tribe of Chad operates food of the year 2000."

Considering the state of our planet, spirulina seems to be a promising solution to solve many of the problems of malnutrition and undernourishment. So let us remember the maxim of Hippocrates: « Let nutrition be your medicine » and… Lets apply it! In other words, if your food is Spirulina, then what you eat will be your medicine.

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