Domaine Spiruline

Spirulina excellence for your health

With over 20 years’ experience in spirulina production, Domain Spirulina has established itself as the regional leader in the MENA region.

Our 19-hectare production capacity places us among the world’s top 10 producers in terms of volume. This scale is the fruit of an unwavering commitment to quality, attested by our organic certification and reinforced by our international references.

Our Products

Discover our organic spirulina, and mineral-enriched spirulina

At Domain Spirulina, we combine the natural richness of our Organic Spirulina with the cutting edge of biotechnology, offering a range of enriched spirulina, precisely engineered by our research teams. Thanks to an innovative process of selective integration of active molecules, our enriched spirulina become natural reservoirs of micronutrients, combining optimal digestibility and bioavailability to meet the specific needs of our professional partners.

Organic Spirulina
Iron-enriched Spirulina
Selenium-enriched Spirulina
Zinc-enriched Spirulina

Our legacy and vision

Over the years, the perception of microalgae has evolved from a simple nutritional source to a recognized therapeutic potential. Clinical studies have highlighted the benefits of cyanobacteria, including cholesterol reduction and other therapeutic applications.

Domain Spirulina is proud to be part of VINCUS GROUP, an integrated structure that encompasses not only our microalgae production platforms, but also our NUTRILAIR dietary supplements laboratory and our ANDALUTEK biotechnology research and development center. Together, we are determined to explore and enhance the treasures that nature has to offer.

Our cultivation sites

Ben Abid Forest
2 hectares
Lake of Kouachia
17 hectares

Our Values

Environmental protection and sustainable development

Here at Domaine Spiruline, we understand the importance of preserving our planet for future generations.
That's why we adopt practices that minimize our ecological footprint, taking care to limit our consumption of raw materials and reduce our waste.

Equity, Parity & Diversity

At Domaine Spiruline, we firmly believe in equal opportunity and fairness.
Each decision, each action is guided by a deep sense of fairness, ensuring that all individuals, whatever their background, status or role, are treated with respect and justice. We are proud of our commitment to diversity and parity within our company.

Local roots and social inclusion

We are honored to have 80% of our employees from surrounding communities, reflecting our commitment to social inclusion and our desire to contribute positively to the economic development of our region.

Our commitment to the environment

Thanks to our privileged location in the heart of a forest and on the shores of a lake, on the one hand, and our commitment to the demanding path of organic certification, on the other, we are obliged to :

  • Protect the natural environment in which we operate;
  • Operate in a closed system, with the installation of a wastewater treatment plant;
  • Reduce the impact of our production as much as possible.

Sustainability goes beyond mere words. We implement strategies and initiatives that guarantee the long-term future of our company while making a positive contribution to society and the environment.

Our latest installation of photovoltaic panels for clean, sustainable solar power is a case in point.

Our Expertise

The art of growing spirulina to perfection

Domain Spirulina is passionate about transforming nature’s bounty into exceptional spirulina. Our expertise, forged over two decades of dedication, reflects our relentless quest for perfection.

Technological mastery

Domain Spirulina grows its spirulina mainly in open basins under greenhouses (or raceways), respecting the strain's natural reproduction and growth cycle. Over the years, it has developed cutting-edge technologies for cultivating, harvesting and air-drying spirulina. These innovations have eliminated any risk of contamination and ensured consistent, reliable production.

Worldwide recognition

Being one of the few "CCPB" certified organic producers in the world is not a title we take lightly.
It's proof of our determination to adopt 100% natural production methods, while preserving and enhancing the ecosystem that surrounds us.

Commitment and vision

Beyond our technical know-how, it's our vision of natural, sustainable health that guides us.
We believe in the power of spirulina, and we're determined to share its benefits with the world.

Our quality standards

A commitment to excellence cultivated over 20 years...

Over the last two decades, Domain Spirulina has forged a reputation based on an unshakable conviction: the quality of our spirulina reflects the skills of our teams, the richness of our heritage and our commitment to excellence.

A land of exception

Nestling in the heart of the Ben Abid Forest (our historic site), and located on the shores of Lake of Kouachia (our new platform), Domain Spirulina benefits from privileged natural locations, offering our microalgae optimal growing conditions. Water drawn directly from the Atlas water tables, and the Mediterranean climate that cradles us, create an ideal environment for top-quality spirulina.

Strict protocols and stringent health controls

Each stage of our production process follows a strict protocol. From complete analysis of the culture medium to product traceability, we ensure perfection at every stage of production. Every batch of finished products undergoes sanitary, bacteriological, toxicological and quality analyses. These tests, carried out by laboratories accredited by the French Ministry of Health, guarantee the conformity of our products to precise criteria. In addition to our rigorously controlled processes, we apply an HACCP approach, ensuring that each batch meets the most stringent quality and safety standards. Special attention is paid to the quality of the water required to grow the strains, which is constantly analyzed to check its purity, and to the inputs required to give only what is strictly necessary for optimal, clean biomass growth.

Organic certification

Thanks to our relentless pursuit of quality, we have earned certification from some of the world's most prestigious organizations, including the "CCPB" organic label.
This distinction is testimony to our daily commitment and the rigorous process we deploy at Domain Spirulina.

Domain Spirulina’s quality charter is the fruit of 20 years of passion, innovation and dedication. It symbolizes our promise to offer you spirulina of unrivalled quality, grown with care and integrity.