Domaine Spiruline

Domain's history

For nearly 4 billion years, spirulina has been present in aquatic environments. As the source of life on earth, this microalga is an opportunity we must seize if we are to meet the challenges of our century and the centuries to come.

For nearly twenty years, Domain Spirulina has made this natural resource its passion, its primary vocation and the subject of its research and innovation.

In 2003, Domain Spirulina launched its first cultivation trials through pilot projects in various regions of southern Morocco. In 2006, it launched Africa’s first open-pond spirulina farm, covering an area of 2 ha in the heart of the Ben Abid Forest. Nearly two decades of selecting the best strains of spirulina and conducting uncompromising microalgal cultivation have enabled the company to acquire exceptional know-how and expertise, widely recognized.

In 2019, the company expands and launches one of the world’s top ten spirulina production platforms on a 17-hectare site on the shores of Lake Kouachia.

A pioneer in microalgae cultivation on the African continent, Domain Spirulina has developed an expertise that makes it a key player in the microalgae market.