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Our Selenium enriched

The endless world of cyanobacteria and their evolution in controlled environments has always been a source of inspiration for the scientific teams at Domain Spirulina and Andalutek (a Group subsidiary specializing in biotechnology) in their research and development work.

This scientific interest has enabled these research teams to develop an original and innovative concept involving the intelligent and selective integration of active molecules inside microalgae.

This new enrichment and induction process makes these phenotyped microalgae a natural reservoir of highly digestible and bioavailable micronutrients.

Selenium enrichment

A scientific concept based on the integration of active molecules (Selenium) inside spirulina, i.e. hooked onto a carbon atom of a spirulina protein.

Selenium can be added to our diet in simply mineral form (sodium selenite) or metabolized by a living organism, as in the case of our selenium-enriched spirulina. The latter will incorporate it in the form of a specific amino acid – selenomethionine – into its proteins.

In this organic form, selenium no longer presents problems of intolerance, as in the case of the mineral form, where a large proportion is stored in the liver. In fact, on contact with gastric juices, spirulina cells immediately burst, releasing soluble organic selenium for easy absorption.

Guaranteed purity

Our commitment to purity is reflected in every gram of our spirulina. Thanks to advanced cultivation methods and rigorous control, we guarantee spirulina free of contaminants and of impeccable quality.

Production Process

Every step of the process, from cultivation to harvesting, drying and packaging, is the result of in-depth research and constant innovation. Each stage is designed to maximize the quality and effectiveness of our spirulina.


Domain Spirulina understands the importance of tracking and tracing for our professional partners. Every batch of our spirulina can be traced back to its source, guaranteeing total transparency and greater confidence.

Research & Development

We continuously invest in research and development to improve the quality, efficacy and applications of our spirulina. Our dedicated team works closely with industry experts to stay at the forefront of innovation.

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